In our most John Oliver attempt to make a change for the better within our community, we present to you the 30th edition of the Obtuse Panda Podcast, Wave Goodbye to Tidal (or #WaveGoodbyeToTidal depending on your media savvy). If you’re not familiar with what Tidal is – good. It’s maybe the 4th best streaming service and that’s not really a compliment. I’m not going to waste anyone’s time by posting a link to their website because that will be one of the worst tabs you could have open all day and then you’d get so mad at us here at the panda that you’d leave and never come back – so for the sake of your sanity and our future revenue stream just take our word for it, it’s lame.


I’ve gone on record before on this podcast stating that Jay-Z is in my top 5 “celebs I’d like to meet” category. For the uninitiated, the reason this is relevant, is because the Brooklyn native  owns a good chunk of the streaming service and has definitely been the front person for their marketing campaigns, having pulled nearly all of his music from Spotify.

Jay-Z Wave Goodbye to Tidal

So it’s tough, I think a lot of what Jay-Z has done throughout his career has been good for the music industry as a whole and his community. He’s been at it for decades and has found ways to remain relevant and influence pop-culture. But now his new music release is only on Tidal and most of us already used our free 3 month trial on Kanye West’s release of, The Life of Pablo. Literally in the first ever study we’ve done here at Obtuse Panda, 8 out of 11 surveyed claimed that they used their free trial on Ye’s album and now they’re bummed they can’t listen to Jay’s new album. It’s worth mentioning that one of those people surveyed hadn’t even heard of Tidal so I think that the numbers may be skewed a bit.

Jaybo Wave Goodbye to Tidal

The Story of OJ

Hov couldn’t completely give us the cold shoulder. In his first music video release in years, Mr. Carter has presented us with Exhibit A in the case for, Wave Goodbye to Tidal, The Story of OJ.

Visually descriptive, lyrically on a mission. It’s riddled with digs at Hollywood icons and attacks against the racist past and present of America. You’ll find no shortage of think pieces revolving speculation around who all Jay-Z throws shade at.

Stealing Thunder

In the midst of Jay-Z’s real message in this song, another group is trying to gain traction through the artist’s hard work. The ADL (Anti-Defamation League, a leading Jewish organization dedicated to fighting anti-semitism) has made claims that there are anti-Semitic undertones in the song stating, “We are concerned that this lyric could feed into preconceived notions about Jews and alleged Jewish ‘control’ of the banks and finance.” I understand there is one line in the song that uses the word “Jewish” and that he uses a stereotype during this reference but I really don’t think this is the main point trying to be driven home. You be the judge.

Biggest Takeaway

This song isn’t for everyone. It may not speak to you. But one thing that is undeniable is that the Producer, No I.D. did wonders on this track and that’s enough to make me want to hear the rest.

Other Stuff

We also talked a great deal about the NBA Summer League and Lonzo Ball’s first outing. We bounced around to things like bike etiquette and car etiquette when driving by someone on a bike. Most importantly, #WaveGoodbyeToTidal