The San Antonio Spurs face off against the Golden State Warriors in the Western Conference Finals of the 2017 NBA playoffs. If game 1 of this series is any indication, it could be a fun series as long as both sides can remain fairly healthy. As we look forward to breaking down this entire series, are both teams ultimately looking to face the reigning finals MVP, LeBron James? Read this article – but for the complete and unedited breakdown give a listen to, Spurs vs Warriors vs a Looming LeBron James – OPP #25.


In what you could only come to expect from Gregg Popovich, the Spurs came out and punched Golden State in the mouth. San Antonio had a quick turn around while Golden State had plenty of time to rest. Maybe it took until the second half for the Warriors to shake some rust from an extended break, but in my opinion they were flat out getting beat. Kawhi Leonard and LaMarcus Aldridge’s two man game is fantastic. Aldridge is a true double threat, in that he is just as dangerous on the pick and pop as he is on the pick and roll. The best part about this tactic for the Spurs is that when Kawhi goes to the bench – they don’t lose anything because everyone’s favorite Argentinian, Manu Ginobili, is able to come in at the ripe age of 39 and produce some solid minutes.


Kawhi Breaks ankle 1

Image Credit: NBA TV


zaza makes sure of it

Image Credit: NBA TV

Well it only happened two times but still – The Basketball God’s did not want Kawhi to finish this game. And when Kawhi Leonard denied the Bball God’s first attempt to take him out of the game, The Great Zaza took matters into his own hands!

“Do you think when Kawhi dunks at home he does it super regular like he does in games?”

After the first half I started thinking, “Cool maybe Kawhi and LeBron will be the reasons Durant never wins a championship.” But every time Curry hit a quick three and the oracle erupted, then you check the score and see GSW still down by 19, you knew that this team was capable of any come back and this fan base was truly there for their team.

Naturally, we can’t have a conversation about the NBA without talking about him.¬†You asked for it – so we did it! Our take on LeBron James and where he falls among the all time greats. We also toss around how many times we really think we’ll see the Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers face off in the NBA Finals. Sorry to the city of Boston and the District of Columbia, no matter the outcome of your game 7 we imagine LeBron James and company will find their way back to defend the land.

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