We Finally Made A Shaq (less) Podcast

For the first time in a couple podcasts we made no mention of Dr. Shaq. The title, A Podcast Literally About Anything But Shaq – OPP #35, is quite accurate. “What did you idiots talk about,” you idiots might be wondering. You’re more than welcome to listen to the podcast or if you think our voices are atrocious just read this summary and turn in your homework at the end of the work day.

Ted Cruz Honkin Off on Twitter

Have you seen this headline? It’s awesome! The phrase Honkin off will stay with me for the rest of my days. There are a number of different terms to say in lieu of saying masturbate but this one has never been a part of my life and it came at the perfect time. Phrasing aside there are some amazing things to discuss with this Ted Cruz story and we leave few to the imagination.


Ted Cruz Honkin Off to Sexuall Posts

Ted Cruz Honkin Off to Sexuall Posts

Noted Notables:

  1. The term Honkin off.
  2. The report that the porn star looks like his wife (porn star) (wife).
  3. The porn star expressed her displeasure in Ted Cruz watching porn for free.
  4. Ted Cruz blamed a member of his staff.
  5. The Twitter handle is @sexuallposts … with two L’s, guessing the extra is for Cruz.

Reheating Pizza

In an important debate we talk some za. We’re not getting as bro as this guy and we’ll actually give you advice.

Look if you’ve ever ordered pizza, it’s likely you’ve had left over pizza. So what’s your thing? Cold pizza, room temp, oven, toaster oven, etc. But no one over the age of 10 does microwave. It’s disgusting and that’s a general consensus. But there’s one pizza company we think might be better the next day after it’s been nuked. Listen to find out. Also hear about our experiments with this pizza lovers tutorial.

“Wow Guys What Else?”

We finish this pod up with our best guesses at credit advice given the recent hacks and why bitcoins are the way of the future… or is it?