Coming to you pre-recorded from an undisclosed location, it’s Obtuse Panda Podcast Epiode 17. Listen in (without the ability to call – sorry mom) to find out how to enter our bracket challenge. Or just follow these simple instructions: go to  – look for the bracket group “Basement Creatures” and login with our password: davedavedave123 – and you could win this sweet jacket [click this link for jacket preview]  looks like only a minor stain on it.

For hot College hoops picks, speculation and a chance at an Kansas Jayhawks jacket – tune in! Also if college hoops aren’t for you we sprinkle in some fun Louis C.K. talk, a look at the history for Catholic Priests and we scratch the surface on school integration and charter schools. Come back every week for more Panda Pods and follow along with our bracket challenge!