Is everything on the decline or are we just old? Not only is college basketball becoming more unbearable to watch than the NBA All Star Game, but their jerseys have become as restrictive as the flex offenses that they’re all running.

Don’t worry, the NBA isn’t safe either, as we dig deep into our personal journals to unveil ways that NBA All Star weekend could actually mean something again for the first time since 2003. The digging doesn’t get too deep, seeing as how the earth is flat. Then in, “In Search of Sasquatch: The Jay Electronica Saga”, we present evidence of his existence, with Exhibits A, B, and C. Turns out, Jay Electrolysis has just been probin the globe like a geologist.

Richard Jefferson is the internet’s most unlikely comeback story.

Finally, we dig into craft brews and vinyl, and why both have had so much recent success.