In an effort to talk about the NBA Playoffs, while a majority of the games have been blowouts, the two sides of the Obtuse Panda Podcast come crashing together in opposition in regards to the storylines this year. In my opinion, this year’s NBA Playoffs have forced bad storylines. My partner thinks there are three big  storylines to get excited about. We’ll give you a few snippets in this article, but be sure to check out the podcast for all the unedited insight. It’s our first half hour podcast for your listening leisure.

We Recorded This Before Game 3 of the ECF

So obviously that happened. Like everyone else we assumed the Cleveland Cavaliers would continue having their way with the Boston Celtics. Right when everyone started thinking, maybe God doesn’t hate Cleveland anymore, the Cavs blow a 21 point lead and LeBron has an evening that sticks out like a sore thumb next to his amazing playoff numbers.

3 Big Storylines

LeBron James

  1. LeBron is potentially having the best postseason ever. Despite his melt down in game 3, King James has been wildly efficient boasting high shooting percentages, big assists, rebounds and on a tear scoring 30+ points with ease at times. We’re not sure what happened in Game 3 of the Eastern Conference Finals but we’re sure he’ll return to form by Game 4.
  2. The Golden State Warriors are the best team to ever play. That’s a simple point.
  3. The 2017 NBA Draft will be one for the record books. In a potentially star studded draft, many teams in the NBA may be able to change their future and hopefully start contending with the two powerhouses in the NBA.

NBA Playoffs Force Journalistic Trash

  1. I saw the original post on Snapchat and I’m sure their coverage has a more unique focus on that platform – but they still posted a similar article on their actual website. Bleacher Report tried to drum up a storyline by begging the question, “Are Isaiah Thomas’ sons the next Riley Curry?” Do I even need another example of the NBA Playoffs Forcing Bad Storylines? Well I have one…
  2. In an effort to talk about something besides the overpowering performances by the Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers many people have turned to the wonders of Manu Ginobili and what he’s able to do at the age of 39. What he is able to do is lose. Plain and simple. But this move was a headline around a few different websites, including Sportscenter because there’s absolutely nothing to talk about.

“You’re All Talk and No Action!”

The above is a quote from you as you’re reading this. But it’s misguided – I have solutions! And I lay them out entirely in this installment of the Obtuse Panda Podcast, NBA Playoffs Force Bad Storylines – OPP #26.