Listen to alt-J’s new song, In Cold Blood

alt-J announced the official release date for their new album, Relaxer, which is due out June 2nd. Along with the announcement came the album’s second single, In Cold Blood, which follows up Relaxer’s first single 3WW, released at the beginning of March.

New alt-J sounds very familiar, though really all alt-J sounds familiar. It’s also important to remember that they really threw us off the scent of 2014’s This is All Yours by releasing Left Hand Free as one of the first singles from the album. Maybe they’ll surprise us once again and break the mold they’ve created for themselves, but In Cold Blood seems to suggest more of the sound we’ve come to expect.

Once, at the ripe old age of 24, I went to see alt-J at Red Rocks and was pretty easily the oldest person in attendance. So, take my opinion with that grain of salt.