The most subliminal title we could think of, Letter to Durant – May I Have This Chance. For the second time this NBA Playoffs we try as hard as we can to avoid talking about the playoffs before we eventually start talking about them uncontrollably. To date the 2017 NBA Finals haven’t been as jaw dropping as we’d hoped for. Overall the 2017 NBA Playoffs have had the same headlines. Two star studded teams have steamrolled their way through the NBA’s weak and futile only to face-off and now show the other who is David and who is Goliath.

Kevin Durant

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Kevin Durant is still loose!

And there are no signs that he will soon slow down. The biggest and most obvious argument for this finals is that the Golden State Warriors now have Kevin Durant. We, at Obtuse Panda, did some fact checking and have confirmed that this is true. Look, it’s so stupid to say, but it’s true. If this NBA Finals continues to be totally lopsided the one glaring difference will be that there is now a 7ft Durantula running loose on the court! It’s either that or Harrison Barnes was a major liability on the court and having him out of the rotation has made the Warriors exponentially better. It’s probably the first option! The toughest part of the Durant argument is that you should be able to make the LeBron James argument for the other side. So if the only argument we’re going to make throughout this finals is that the Warriors are dominating because of Kevin Durant, does that make him the best player in the world?

Letter to Durant

No I’m not writing a love letter to Kevin Durant. What actually happened yesterday is the great Jay Electronica released a new song, “Letter to Falon” and he gave KDtrey5 the shout out on twitter.

Now I haven’t had a chance to fully digest this song. That usually takes me a couple weeks to either grow an appreciation for a song that doesn’t catch my interest right away or surmise that it is in fact garbage. My genuine interest in Jay Electronica will never let this song be classified as garbage so naturally I’m going to chalk this one up in the like column even though it is lacking in comparison to his prior releases. But what are we supposed to do with a man who shares music so sporadically especially when the tracks he was releasing so early on were like something so many of us have never heard before.

“Exhibit C is like the Illmatic of songs.”

Jay Electronica has gotten praise from some of the best in the industry, and without having ever dropped as much as a full mix tape he’s been able to tour across the world and write songs with artists like Kanye West, Jay-Z and many more. He’s even gone so far as to stretch his legacy to the youth, having been featured on Chance the Rapper’s album, Coloring Book.

May I Have This Chance

Chance and Jay Elec seem to be cut from a similar cloth with their shared interest in music for the people. The main difference between the two is that you can actually see Chance the Rapper in concert in a city near you. That ticket may come with more than some online service fees, you may also have to pay for it by dealing with the guests surrounding you. The age range at the concert may skew heavily in the 18-25 demographic. But he puts on a must see show for the modern millennial. Seeing him in concert for the first time, last month, it was a show unlike anything I’d ever seen. He would condense whole sections of his career into 10 minute long mash-ups that kept your attention the whole time. Chance the Rapper took stabs at Hollywood on his video board and really lived up to the whole persona I’ve perceived from the outside. But there has to be a caveat! I won’t let his record go untarnished. I believe there’s an agenda he’s pushing and you’re only going to hear about it in the Obtuse Panda Podcast! Letter to Durant – May I have this Chance – OPP #28 is LIVE!