On our 19th installment of the Obtuse Panda Podcast we welcome Lylah Rose Wolff a photographer and all around unique artist. She gives us her insights on fine art, her lighting techniques and a little bit of life on today’s college campus. Most importantly she let’s us know why she chose a black and white tapestry instead of adding a little color. Very interesting.

More info on Lylah:

My name is Lylah Wolff and I’m an artist based in Cleveland, Ohio. Building relationships with people has become the central theme in my work – whether it’s photographing a client for an event or in asking a stranger if I could make their portrait, I’m driven by the fact that photography allows one to hold on to a moment.

My life as an artist has become a balancing act between creating commercial portraiture for people while maintaining my eye for the arts. When I’m not photographing a client, I use my Yashica 635 twin lens camera and a roll of 120 film as my means of exploring the world around me. I used to struggle with the idea of being both a commercial photographer and a fine artist, but I’ve come to the realization that the two are not mutuallyexclusive, and in that I’ve been set free.


For more on Lylah be sure to go to listen to the podcats, check out her website http://lylahrose.com/ and definitely check out this weird video she made .