What did you expect?

Plain and simple – Kevin Durant is loose. He has it made right now. Surrounded by teammates as selfless as he is with no real pressure. Really, if they don’t win a championship this year it’s easy to chalk up the reason why under LeBron’s legacy. When Kevin Durant chose the Golden State Warriors, he didn’t come bearing promises of unattainable ring accumulation. He came in the same quiet manner that he continues to play through Game 1 of the 2017 NBA Finals. The only loud part to his game are his thunderous dunks when every Cleveland Cavalier moves out of the way in search of shelter. It’s a situation where he’s able to thrive. Durant doesn’t have to deal with the theatrics of Westbrook and now we can all truly appreciate his once in a generation skill-set. It really is what dreams are made of.

“If JaVale McGee Gets 30 Minutes – Series Over”

Role players in Game 1 did exactly the opposite of what I expected. Kyle Korver coming in off the bench going 0-3 from beyond the arc is a scenario that we’re not likely to see moving forward. Channing Frye’s lack of playing time against the Golden State Warriors continues to confuse. He seems like a good match up and at the very least – could it get any worse?

In Other News (still talking hoops)



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kevin durant is loose

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