Here at the Obtuse Panda, we’re able to admit when we’re wrong. It’s even easier for us because we don’t have a reputation so we can be very honest. Sometimes we don’t always plan ahead the best and that has never been more apparent than it is right now in our 32nd, 33rd and 34th podcasts. What we should have done is paid tribute to the greatest man to don the digits. The great Shaquile O’neal. We can only hope that “The Big Aristotle” can find it in his heart to forgive us. So don’t let the title fool you in, An Episode About Shaq, NOT – OPP #33.

Did You Miss NFL Preseason?

Of course not, you’re a smart person. Look at you reading this article – good for you! The NFL Preseason is beyond pointless and everyone knows it. Do you need an example of how pointless it is? The Cleveland Browns went 4-0. The Cleveland Browns went 4-0. The Cleveland Browns went 4-0. The Cleveland Browns went 4-0… Sorry, I’ve just never typed those numbers in that order for the Cleveland Browns before and typing it made me feel good on the inside. But that is a fantasy land. The Cleveland Browns aren’t a 4-0 team. After all check out this super Browns play.

Cam Erving blown up

 The Same Teams are back in College Football

Can you believe Ohio State clobbered the Indiana Hoosiers in a game of football? In this episode of the Obtuse Panda Podcast, where we most certainly should have talked more about Shaq and less about everything else, we get into one of those sports that people like more than the professional version for no apparent reason. There’s a general understanding that the competition in pro sports is better because they’re all the best of the best. 128 college football teams in the FBS are consolidated to 31 teams in the national football league. The Cleveland Browns, the 32nd team, tend to choose players that don’t belong in either platform to produce more plays like this.

Cam Erving blown up

Have you ever met those people that say they like College Football better because they’re playing for the love of the game? You know the same people that still believe in the Easter Bunny? That fairy-tale should have been put to rest in 1998 when this clip came out on the silver screen.

We get it – football is awesome! And when you can’t watch it on Sunday and you don’t want to look at your girlfriend on Saturday it’s nice to have something else to take your mind off of things. But the competition isn’t there. The teams that dominate do so for decades and the story-lines are all too similar making the arguments among friends even worse.

Don’t Talk About it – Be About it

College football has become less about winning and more about how much you can win by creating an often unwatchable game. Certainly, when two big teams go at early on in the season it’s fun to watch. But when Alabama plays Northern Alabama who cares to watch them score 80 points. I’d rather play a game of Madden on Pro if that’s the score I’m looking for. Every once in a while you get a Michigan vs Appalachian State upset but you don’t need to watch those games live because they will live on for at least a decade.

James Harrison


Have you ever seen this guy workout? It’s nuts. Don’t even read anything I have to say about him just watch as many videos of him as you can today.

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