Back by popular demand, it’s the Obtuse Panda Podcast leading off episode 31 with a hot 60 seconds on Chris Christie followed by a few minutes talking about Kyrie Irving and then our first installment of our new segment, Things People Shouldn’t Talk About.

Chris Christie

Chris Christie

“Why does Chris Christie duct-tape a garbage bag full of pizza dough around his waist everywhere he goes?”

We know you missed hearing us agree on most things and bitch about our listeners, so we started off with Coty giving a 60 second rant on Chris Christie, which essentially turned in to fat-shaming but it was self aware and approved by another member of the portly variety. The picture above really says how we all feel.


My trials and tribulations, okay just trials, continue with the Cleveland judicial system. This time in the form of a car towing! It was unjust I tell you. You can be the judge with a listen.

Kyrie Irving

Kyrie Irving

“Kyrie Irving is the face of flat earth right now.”

We can’t make sense of the Kyrie Irving trade request anymore than we’re able to talk about it seriously for more than 2 minutes. There are no trades that really make sense or seem realistic – except for 1! Listen for Coty’s 3 team trade that actually makes 3 teams in the NBA a little bit better. And if ¬†you’re not familiar with the flat earther’s beliefs – why are you even bothering reading this? This is a trendy site and we need trendy readers! But for the uninitiated we posted the video above.

Things People Shouldn’t Talk About

Our new segment with the above title ^. Find out what it is so you don’t sound like a huge d-bag at your next social gathering. Follow us and comment what you think should be our next “Things People Shouldn’t Talk About.”