We’ve all started a new project in our respective fields and had an overwhelming feeling, unsure of how to attack it. This is often refereed to as Blank Canvas Syndrome. There are actions we’ve taken to complete our tasks in the past that have worked with great success, but this time we want to try something different. Remember that cool video you saw on Youtube? That awesome graphic you saw on Instagram? Or that amazing article you read on Medium?

“You’re constantly taking stuff in and nothing seems new to you.”

In a world where you usually have to be creative on demand, it can be hard to come up with something completely unique when you don’t haven’t even had time to digest your last project.Blank Canvas

In the words of Blake Snyder, author of Save the Cat,

“Do the same thing, only different.”

That’s one of the hardest things to digest in the creative world. We all want to create something that’s truly original and that reflects us, but when will we get there? Creativity can be like puberty – some of us blossom before others. Some people can spend decades trying to make their breakthrough project while others do it naturally. Until we get there we’re always going to be trying to bridge the gap. If you have good taste you can look at what you’re making and realize that it’s not necessarily where you want it to be. The best advice we can give is to just do a lot as the link above suggests.
Thinking in more simplistic terms – what would you really do if money were no object? We all have passions outside of our jobs but when your passion is in line with your current profession it can be challenging to do the same thing all day at work and then again when you get home. It’s hard to leave the same switch on for hours on end. Often times I think back to one of the three bagel shops I worked at as a youth and wish I could support my current lifestyle on that salary. Doing this, I think I’d free up the mental capacity to take larger strides in my work at home. Who knows? That leads us down a brief path looking at Universal Basic Income but that is surely a topic for another day.
Speaking of income and modern millennials, when was the last day you didn’t actually spend any money? $3 for a coffee. $4 for a bagel. $15 for lunch. And if you’re reading this and you’re not my parents I doubt you used cash. We’re not going to offer any solutions but it’s worth the ponder.
Ping Pong or Tennis – which would you rather play and which one is easier? Leave us a comment or send us an email and let us know which one is easier in your eyes.
Lastly – people from LA. Do you know any of them? We do too and we’ll break it down for you on this episode of the Obtuse Panda Podcast.