Everyone is talking about it, so why not us? At the Obtuse Panda, we don’t always want to dive into the mainstream stories because you’re already supersaturated with information. Whether you get your news the old fashioned way, on twitter or if you’re having arguments with your dad who is proof of generational differences in our society, you’ve likely heard that athletes are kneeling during the National Anthem. To my surprise no one has labeled it Anthemgate yet, so let us lock that one down with, Anthemgate 2017 – OPP #36.

What is an Anthemgate?

People are kneeling during the National Anthem and the general public is using this as an opportunity to take a hard line and fight their neighbor. There are a lot of twists and turns with this and in the midst of that, the true meaning of this protest has been lost in a shouting match.

What Do I Do?

Listen to our podcast, Anthemgate 2017 – OPP #36 and make up your own mind. Don’t let anyone tell you how to feel about this but familiarize yourself with why this is happening (this is a great read). The best defense is a good offense. Instead of turning your body into a weapon, turn your mind into one.