If compound interest has a positive effect on your 401k – compound tragedies like; Hurricane Katrina and the Deepwater Horizon Oil spill were the one-two punch that left many communities in disarray. But with these horrible events, some good has come from it. Millions of new dollars have been put into research for preserving the health of our shores and all that inhabit the areas.

In commemoration of the 7th anniversary of the BP oil spill we have an expert (intern) join us to talk about life on the coast in the years that have followed. Jacob Blandford works heavily in Green Infrastructure projects along the Gulf of Mexico. In a podcast littered with fun facts, there’s a lot you can take away to impress the folks at the office around the water-cooler. Best of all – The Juice will give you easy ways to live a more eco-friendly life, one of them involves micro-beads.

On the Internet! Horrible stories of click-bait articles. As if they haven’t gotten progressively worse in recent years, one of us will still fall subject to them from time to time. RIH is it Rest In Heaven or Rest In Honor? A tribute to all soldiers of the street.

Attack of the foot cop part deux – part three, the end of an era… probably. In what is hopefully the conclusion of our run in with officers on foot, the court date happened and in Obtuse Panda fashion, we went to fight that shit. Guilty or not, here we come in the end to this saga. Listen for all the hot details on the U.S. justice system.

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