It’s 2017

On this Majic Johnson number of our podcast – we pay no tribute to an NBA legend. Instead we talk about things that I had hoped were left in my school history books. We try to poke a little fun and keep our speculative nature but recent events and trends surely need to be taken seriously. Do you ever forget that it’s 2017?



When you turn on the news and see white supremacist groups walking the streets in full riot gear, bearing large rifles in city centers and carrying tiki-torches to light up the night in protest you may need to remind yourself what year it is.

2017: Enjoy Now or Forever Tote a Piece – OPP #32

I’m in no way a negative person. But every once in a while I have a “wake up and smell the coffee” moment and question my neighbors. It’s hard to be truly excited about our political climate in the United States when our communities are starting to be torn apart by the inhabitants. And if you’re not scared about your neighbor… the ocean is going to get you because it’s also dying and there aren’t enough woolly mammoth’s to save the world! Or are there?

“Could autonomous cars stop terror attacks?”

We explore every avenue here on the Obtuse Panda Podcast. But we’re unsure if autonomous cars are the answer given how easy they are to hack. We reference Vice and Fast and Furious 8 religiously because they’re relatable and accurate.

Is Vice Saving Journalism?

Likely it isn’t. In large part news organizations on the local level are too top heavy to ever recover. But it’s fun to look at what vice is doing and dream about the opportunity to view more content just like it. Even though it’s fun to watch is it really journalism? Yes they’re telling a story and putting themselves in risky situations but we do beg the question if it’s truly bipartisan.

More Than Politics



Here at Obtuse Panda we’re more than just politics (and sports), we’re all about telling people what not to talk about. In this weeks installment of, Don’t Talk About It Be About It, it’s time for all people who don’t have iPhone’s to quit telling those of us that have them how much better your life is sans apple. It isn’t! You’re ruining all of our group chats and causing nothing but headache when it takes you a half hour to find pictures on your phone because it’s “so easy to customize.”

All this and more on, 2017: Enjoy Now or Forever Tote a Piece.